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Blogging is a wonderful way to broadcast your ideas and opinions to the world. But as every blogger knows, the downside to blogging is its fleetingness. A blog post attracts the overwhelming majority of its impressions (views) within a fortnight of publication, and then it’s largely forgotten – even the great posts.

Like all bloggers, I’d like my posts to be remembered, which is why I’m pleased to present this curated compilation of posts from the past two-and-a-half years. This book will enable you to revisit a cross-section of my posts and allow me to share my thoughts with a broader audience – a win-win!

The collection of posts contained in Addressing the Elephants in the Room is wide in sweep and offers an illuminating guide to the issues that are shaping politics, impacting economies, changing societies, and driving technology. Readers will discover concise answers to important questions:

  • CAN households drive sustainable capitalism?
  • WILL globalisation create a world without borders?
  • WHAT lessons did we learn from the pandemic?
  • ARE we living in an age of ignorance and stupidity?
  • HAVE big tech companies become too powerful?

In 50 short bursts, Addressing the Elephants in the Room answers these and other contemporary questions. Each post is akin to a brief essay which can be read in a matter of minutes. All posts are underpinned by reasoned argument and supported by corroborating evidence.

As a blogger, I write not just about the world as it is, but how it could be. So, as you turn the pages of the book, you’ll discover that I’m passionate about making the world a better place through education. The subliminal message in many of the posts is that we can solve most of humanity’s problems by making more informed decisions.

By design, the posts avoid the “doomist framing” of contemporary issues promulgated by fatalists and other pessimists. In contrast, the book offers a refreshing counterbalance to the glut of apocalyptic narratives by mainstream and social media commentators, which trigger unnecessary alarm among the populace.

In a time when so many things seem dire, it’s refreshing to be reminded that humans can rise to any challenge. The world isn’t as horrific as we have been led to believe. Indeed, there’s never been a better time to be alive. In bygone years, life was shorter, sicker, poorer, more dangerous, and less free. Today, we are more educated, and this knowledge is changing the world.

Addressing the Elephants in the Room does not fit neatly into one clearly defined literary genre. The intended audience, therefore, is broad and diverse. This one volume is a business book, an educational book, and a general knowledge book, and is for anyone who wants to understand how the world around us works.

You can read this book from beginning to end or dip into any topic as the mood takes you. The book is now available online from Amazon and you can order your copy by CLICKING HERE. Remember, a book is a gift which you can open again and again!

Thanks for putting up with my self-publicity this fortnight. My preference would be for someone else to promote the book. However, given my mega-buck launch budget (he says with tongue firmly planted in cheek!), I’m also the assistant publicist and part-time literary agent.

It’s great wearing many hats!


Paul J. Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Ductus Consulting

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  1. Hello Paul,

    Congratulations on publishing and launching your new fourth book, aptly titled:

    Addressing the Elephants in the Room. The title certainly matches the contents.

    I have learned much from your excellent research and writing.

    I hope the launch and book promotion stage will be very successful for you.

    Best wishes,


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