‘Twas the Night Before Christmas 2022

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‘Tis the week before Christmas, on my keyboard I’m pounding,
To compose a festive parody, that’s not trite sounding.
Everything is stirring, even my computer mouse,
Need to type faster, so I can finish decorating the house.

But as I sit at my desk looking squarely at the screen,
The lights are flashing, but not red, white, and green.
This lack of colour does not dampen my spirits,
Still, writing my final parody, may test my limits.

Here we go again, let’s see what’s in my head,
After stretching my cranium, I’ll shortly be snug in bed.
Yet for now the question is where to begin,
“I’ve got the answer,” he says with a grin.

During the past year, there arose such a clatter,
Russia invaded Ukraine, the peace it did shatter.
The war took a toll, innocent lives were lost,
Death and destruction, just look at the cost.

The damage from natural disasters was also sky high,
Mother Nature’s fury, it caused a collective sigh.
Australia battled floods, while Europe fought fires,
Climate change is real, the deniers are liars.

Another great loss, the death of The Queen,
An outpouring of grief, like that seldom seen.
Her Majesty served, for seventy regal years,
It’s understandable that we, shed a few tears.

Grief was also felt by women in epic proportions,
Overturning Roe v. Wade effectively banned abortions.
The US Supreme Court ruling, set back the clock,
The fundamental rights of women, it certainly did block.

Meanwhile, the UK had three PMs in seven weeks,
A revolving door of leaders, you could hear the shrieks.
No. 10 Downing Street, the scene of political uprising,
For the protagonists involved, the results were surprising.

While political machinations entertained us with their karma,
Watching elite athletes perform, was by far the best drama.
Major sporting events, dotted the calendar year,
Our sporting heroes did us proud, they made us cheer.

From the Winter Olympics to the Rugby World Cup,
The unifying power of sport, our spirits shot up.
In a divided world, nations gathered in solidarity,
We came together as one, sport provides such clarity.

Can’t you live in peace, you’re giving us angina.
Stop your sabre-rattling, and cease your aggressive posturing,
Geopolitical tensions are rising, a divided world you are fostering.

Citizens have enough worries, so don’t turn up the heat,
With cost-of-living pressures, it’s tough to make ends meet.
Rampant inflation is hurting, it’s public enemy number one,
The economy is in a spin, fixing it isn’t much fun.

For now our thoughts turn to the season of goodwill,
And the excitement that comes from stockings to fill.
It won’t be long before Santa’s on his way,
If you listen carefully, you’ll soon hear his sleigh.

As I sign off for Christmas I thank all readers of this blog,
I hope my fortnightly posts have left you agog.
May the spirit of the season fill your home with cheer,
As I say “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good New Year”.

Before you go …

Just confirming that this is my final blog post for the year and possibly forever! I’m taking an indefinite break from 14 years of blogging (11 years at Gateway Bank + 3 years at Ductus Consulting) and may never again drop any words of wisdom into your inbox. Only time will tell if I make a comeback or quietly ride off into the sunset.

But what’s clear, is that I will miss my loyal community of followers. Writing for you over the past three years has been a joy and privilege. You have given me a forum in which to express my views on the issues which are shaping politics, impacting economies, changing society, and driving technology.

I like to think that we have been partners in this blogging adventure. Thanks for coming along for the ride. I hope that you have enjoyed the content that I have produced and that it has helped inform your thinking on contemporary issues.

Remember, if you want to stay in touch, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or phone me on 0438 299 917.

I will sign off by returning to one of my all-time favourite quotes by Robert Kennedy: “Some men see things as they are and say ‘Why?’ I dream of things that never were and say ‘Why not?’” I challenge you to see the impossible and to be an agent of change. We need more dreamers who can make the world a better place.

Thank you and farewell.


Paul J. Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Ductus Consulting

5 Replies to “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas 2022”

  1. I was not looking forward to this day. A day of sadness where my morning coffee ritual has now been disrupted. What to read now with my coffee, I don’t know. Don’t like reading the mainstream media as it is just depressing and full of negativity. I will wait for your next book to be released which I am sure will most certainly accompany my morning coffee. Thank you for all the truck loads (pun intended – I’m a truckie) 😂😂) of information in your blogs. Now it’s time to ask my wife Justine to pack away the dictionary and thesaurus for now. Merry Xmas to you and Bev. Look forward to catching up soon.

  2. Paul, what a great final blog (a work of art!)
    Wishing you a safe and peaceful festive season and looking forward to your next chapter!

  3. Great work Paul and great read I’ve always enjoyed. Go well for the next stage and keep on seeing and asking why not? Best Michael.

  4. Hello Paul,

    What a great Parody to reflect on another tumultuous year. Thank You!

    The staff at Quantum, before it became Insync, always appreciated and enjoyed your annual summation of world events in rhyme.

    As indeed did I.

    I will miss reading, learning and working out a reply each alternative Sunday morning.

    There are many learnings for me to draw on as I continue heading into the sunset!

    Many thanks!

    Best wishes to you and Bev.


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