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My new book, Doubting Thomas: One Man’s Struggle with Organised Religion and Its Impact on World History, is now available. As many of you know, I announced in my penultimate blog post last December that I was quitting blogging to complete this book. Many of you asked me to let you know the release date and that is the purpose of this post. You can purchase the book online in either paperback or eBook format from Amazon – simply CLICK HERE.

Doubting Thomas breathes fresh air into a large and controversial topic – religion. It is written for believers and sceptics alike and this is what makes it unique – there is something for everyone. It is uncommon to find a book about organised religion which talks to both sides of the religious divide in a way that does not make one subordinate to the other. Notwithstanding, this is a book for progressives because it will likely shock the hell out of traditionalists!

A brief summary of Doubting Thomas can be found on the back cover which states that:

In this eye-opening book, Paul Thomas explores the dark side of organised religion, revealing its often overlooked and unsettling impact on society. He navigates the intricate connections between religion and science, warfare, women, and death, uncovering the troubling ways in which religion has been used to justify and perpetuate harm.

Paul first delves into the fraught relationship between religion and science, taking aim at religion’s colossal blunders in rejecting evolution and challenging cosmology. He then provides a chilling reminder of the ruthless cruelty and wanton bloodshed committed in the name of religion, including the Christian Crusades, the Muslim Conquests, and the unspeakable terror of 9/11.

Next, Paul exposes the ways in which organised religion has subjugated and mistreated women, slicing through religious hypocrisy to reveal a shameful history of male dominance on an epic scale. Finally, he examines the role of organised religion in shaping how we think about death, including addressing the existential question: Is there life beyond the grave?

Persuasive in argument and wide in sweep, Doubting Thomas may not nourish your soul, but it will certainly give you food for thought. Believers and non-believers alike will have much to digest and reflect upon from this eclectic collection of events that have helped shaped world history.


It is great to once again touch base with my Elephant in the Room readers. I trust that you have all been well over the past six months. I now intend to go back into self-imposed exile from the blogsphere. Rest assured that I will not clutter your inbox with any more of my musings.

Stay well, my friends.


Paul J. Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Ductus Consulting

2 Replies to “Book release: Doubting Thomas”

  1. Dear Paul,

    It is wonderful to hear that your latest book is on the shelves!

    When I return to Melbourne later this month, I will be sure to place my order with Amazon.

    You certainly research/write/edit/produce/market your books in quick time! No doubt your well oiled machine kicks in.

    Best wishes to you, Bev and family.


    Des (Thailand)

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