“Night Before Christmas” 2021 – pandemic year in review

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‘Tis the week before Christmas after a year of precaution,
Masks are off, yet there is still much caution.
The holidays are approaching, but not for the pandemic,
The virus remains a threat, it’s not academic.

As people the world over nestle snuggly in their beds,
Memories of lockdowns dance in their heads.
The hope of families, a Christmas that’s virus free,
The best sort of present, under the tree.

Stay-at-home restrictions generated such a clatter,
Yet keeping the sick isolated really did matter.
Containment measures, the order of the day,
Zoom meetings and home schooling, little time to play.

A surge in e-commerce, our behaviour shifted online,
Our lives became very different, we did just fine.
We found everything we needed, nothing to fear,
A fleet of Amazon trucks, delivering some cheer.

Long before Christmas my shopping was done,
No last-minute rushes, ’cause that’s not fun.
My grandchildren are fine, and exceptionally nice,
Their presents are coming, they won’t have to ask twice.

Now, EMMA! now, JESSICA! now, OSCAR and ELIAS!
On, HARRISON, on, ABRAHAM, on, NAYAH and EMILY, there’s no bias.
Granddad loves you all, you bring such joy,
You each deserve a gift, perhaps a big toy.

Santa’s arriving, with eight socially distanced reindeer,
And he’ll be kitted out, in personal protective gear.
His sleigh will be sanitised, and wiped thoroughly clean,
It will sparkle and shine, fit for a queen.

For a while it seemed gifts would be delivered by drones,
Without clearance to travel, Santa was to be replaced by drop zones.
The Christmas supply chain, held together by the elves,
They did a marvellous job, so we can enjoy our festive selves.

But before letting down our hair to celebrate another year,
Let’s remember those who suffered, and those no longer here.
Many succumbed to COVID, the pandemic’s tragic cost,
Celebrating Christmas without loved ones, makes us feel lost.

Infection rate suppression, remains the name of the game,
Until we defeat COVID, life won’t be the same.
Vaccines are our best hope, to keep the virus at bay,
Be sure to get a jab, so the world can come out and play.

Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, each a household name,
They’re also scientific heroes, a virus they did tame.
Prevention measures remain important, they’ve acted as a tether,
The dream of unrestricted movements, requires us to work together.

Christmas must not be, a super spreader event,
Let’s do the right thing, another outbreak to prevent.
In this season of goodwill and kindness to others,
Be on your guard, protect our sisters and brothers.

For now our thoughts turn to the season of goodwill,
And the excitement that comes from stockings to fill.
It won’t be long before Santa’s on his way,
If you listen carefully, you’ll soon hear his sleigh.

As I sign off for Christmas, I thank all readers of this blog,
I hope my fortnightly posts have left you agog.
May the spirit of the season fill your home with cheer,
As I say “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good New Year.”

Before you go …
This is my final blog post for the year. I hope that I’ve kept you informed and entertained during 2021. I’m taking a short break from my blogging duties and will be back on-line on Sunday, 30 January 2022. Have a great New Year.


Paul J. Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Ductus Consulting

5 Replies to ““Night Before Christmas” 2021 – pandemic year in review”

  1. I needed a good laugh, thank you for providing it. Let’s hope we all use Christmas to help those in need. Happy Christmas to your team, enjoy your break.

  2. I’m loving this, Paul! Being a granddad has not dimmed your creativity – you’ve just got more material.
    Merry Christmas to you and all the family.

  3. Hello Paul,

    I appreciate your sense of humour and excellent rhyming!

    Like everyone else, I needed the uplift!

    I hope you, Bev and your family will have a good break and wish you all the best for 2022.



  4. I hope that you, Bev and your beautiful family enjoy all the blessings of the season.
    Sending you my best Alexandra

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